CityBeat: Real-time Social Media Visualization of Hyper-local City Data

Authors Xia C., Schwartz, R., Xie K., Krebs A., Langdon A., Ting J. and Naaman M. Abstract With the increasing volume of location-annotated content from various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare, we now have real-time access to people’s daily documentation of local activities, interests and attention. In this demo paper, we presentCityBeat1,

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Robust detection of hyper-local events from geotagged social media data

Architecture of our local event detection system. Including data collector, time-series builder, Gaussian Process regression model, alert engine and classifier. Arrows indicate input and output flow of each module. Authors Xie K., Xia C., Grinberg N., Schwartz R., and Naaman M. Abstract An increasing number of location-annotated content available from social media channels like Twitter,

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Making Sense of Cities Using Social Media: Requirements for Hyper-Local Data Aggregation Tools

Examples of geo-tagged social media data visualizations mockups. Clockwise: geo-tagged topic groupings, keywords appearance graphs, volume graph and heat map Authors Schwartz, R., Naaman M., Matni, Z. Abstract As more people tweet, check-in and share pictures and videos of their daily experiences in the city, new opportunities arise to understand urban activity. When aggregated, these

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