Magic Grant Benefits and Expectations

Each winning team will receive:

  • Funding of up to $150,000* for the 2021-22 academic year (with up to $300,000 for bicoastal teams).
  • Access to the resources of the Brown Institute, including 24/7 use of the Brown Institute spaces on both campuses (when safe).
  • The opportunity to work with the larger community of Brown Institute Fellows, other Magic Grant recipients and our alumni.

Magic Grant recipients are expected to carry out their work in residence at the Brown Institute, either at Columbia or at Stanford (when safe), and participate in the Institute’s activities. In particular, they are expected to attend our quarterly “All-Hands” review meetings, held virtually and in California and New York when safe. For these meetings, the Brown Institute will cover lodging and travel costs.

Teams at Columbia will work with Brown Institute staff to identify project milestones prior to the start of the granting period, and progress will be evaluated quarterly at our All Hands meetings. Teams will be provided professional development opportunities, goal setting, project management, and other tools to ensure a successful outcome.

* Budgets will be evaluated on the scale and scope of the project and team personnel. When awarding “Magic Grants”, the Brown Institute may adjust budgets according to reviewer committee comments and available funds. Each year, typical funding awards per project range between $60,000-90,000.