In Face on Facebook

2014-2015 Magic Grantees Jessa Lingel and Adam Golub have just published a paper from the Bushwig project. “In Face on Facebook: Brooklyn’s Drag Community and Sociotechnical Practices of Online Communication” appears in the June issue of The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, and is likely the first paper published on how drag performers use social media. Here is their abstract. Recently,

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ACM on Data Journalism

This month’s Communications of the ACM includes “Putting the Data Science into Journalism.” Our flagship project Science Surveyor is detailed as an example of journalistic technology, and the Lede Program is singled out as a new kind of journalism training! The article also contains some great quotes from attendees of the Computation+Journalism meeting we help

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Brown space in Metropolis Magazine

The February issue of Metropolis Magazine features the Brown Institute Space! Its unique program is discussed in detail with the institute’s architect and lighting designers. Last fall, the university opened a state-of-the-art, high-tech newsroom on the ground floor of its 1912 McKim, Mead, and White–designed historic Pulitzer Hall. The renovated space was a gift from longtime

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