Brown Institute Fellow makes new Bedfellows

Nikolas Iubel, Brown Institute Fellow for 2013-2014 and graduate of the Dual Degree program between Journalism and Computer Science at Columbia University, is currently an intern with The New York Times’ interactive news desk. Together with The Upshot’s Derek Willis, Nik created Bedfellows, a Python command-line tool intended to facilitate exploration of campaign finance data. Willis and Iubel have

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Synapp/Widescope receives Notable Paper Award at HCOMP 2014

David Lee, Ashish Goel, Tanja Aitamurto and Hélène Landemore’s paper, “Crowdsourcing for Participatory Democracies: Efficient Elicitation of Social Choice Functions,” received a Notable Paper Award at HCOMP 2014, the second Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligenceconference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing.  The paper was one of the two runner-ups to the best paper award.

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XRay featured in the NYT Bits Blog

The New York Times Bits Blog featured a long piece by Steve Lohr on XRay, “a reverse-engineering machine that models the correlations made by web services.” As you browse the web, shop online or contact friends via SMS or email, companies collect and share information, making inferences about you to target their services. XRay exposes those inferences.

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Year Zero

From the Nieman Journalism Lab Blog: “The journalism unicorn exists. I’ve seen one — even worked with one. Maybe you know the kind: a journalist who’s as nimble and dynamic as a reporter as she is with coding.” The Brown Institute is collaborating on a post-bacc program to help prepare journalists for the J-School’s Dual Degree

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