Information Maximizing Visual Question Generation

Authors Ranjay Krishna, Michael Bernstein, Li Fei-Fei Example questions generated for a set of images and answer categories. Incorrect questions are shown in grey and occur when no relevant question van be generated for a given image and answer category Abstract Though image-to-sequence generation models have become overwhelmingly popular in human-computer communications, they suffer from

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Project NOAH

NOAH is a mapping application created by Disha Shetty, Maya Miller, Pankhuri Kumar and Ravie Lakshmanan, alumni of Columbia Journalism School, and Pietro Ceccato of SPACEBEL. It was made possible by a grant from the Brown Institute. This is a short report on NOAH’s development, and how can be used to uncover underreported stories on

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Casting the Vote

By Alex Calderwood. Justin Hicks’ deep voice rolls through the microphone, sending blue light across the dark chamber like a waveform, illuminating on the table in front of me a half eaten piece of corn-on-the-cob and the faces of people who until a few minutes ago were strangers. The light reverbs-out with his voice, hinting

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Thinking with Computation

“The purpose of computation is insight, not numbers.”  Hamming, 1962. Fernando Perez, one of the creators of the Jupyter Notebook, began his talk at the Brown Institute Thursday with this quote from Richard Hamming’s book on algorithms. Fernando, or at least Jupyter, will be familiar to students in the Journalism School who have taken any

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Announcing our 2019-20 Magic Grants!

The Brown Institute for Media Innovation, a collaboration between Columbia Journalism School and Stanford University’s School of Engineering, is pleased to announce its 2019-20 Magic Grant recipients. Each year, the Brown Institute awards $1M in grants and fellowships to foster new tools and modes of expression, and to create stories that escape the bounds of

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Nicholas Diakopoulos @ Stanford: “Automating the News: How Algorithms are Rewriting the News”

From hidden connections in big data to bots spreading fake news, journalism is increasingly computer generated. Nicholas  Diakopoulos, an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University’s School of Communication, and  an expert in computer science and media, discussed  the present and future of journalism in a world in which news is created by algorithms. Here’s more from The Stanford

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