We are hiring 6 positions to help develop AI-powered tools for local newsrooms!

The Brown Institute for Media Innovation at the Columbia Journalism School is  exploring the application of machine learning (ML) and other technologies to support local newsrooms — both advancing their editorial missions as well as creating new business opportunities engaging readers. As is now the hallmark of Brown Institute projects, our approach will be collaborative

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Reporting “on” and “with” Twitter

The last session of the Transparency Series took place last Saturday and featured Craig Silverman, BuzzFeed’s media editor. Silverman has an incredible record of reporting on Twitter and social media platforms generally. During the day-long workshop, he shared his strategies for breaking stories down into “actors, content, behavior, and networks.” His investigative routine when looking

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We’re Hiring!

The Institute at Columbia has two open positions — one for a creative technologist and one for a database aficionado. The first person will conduct original “creative research” that expands on traditional forms of journalism and storytelling. They should work easily with teams of journalists, other members of the Brown Institute, and the larger creative

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