Supporting Communities through “Equitable Data”

US Chief Data Scientist Denice Ross and Deputy US Chief Data Scientist Dominique Duval-Diop visit the Brown Institute on March 30.

Public Talk: 11-12:30 ET [RSVP Here] 
Lunch with Students: 12:30-1:30 ET [RSVP Here] 
“Listening Session” with Data Journalists: 2-3:30 ET [RSVP Here] 

The Brown Institute for Media Innovation is pleased to host a visit to Columbia University by the U.S. Chief Data Scientist Denice Ross and Deputy U.S. Chief Data Scientist Dominique Duval-Diop. In a lecture on March 30, Ross and Duval-Diop will introduce the idea of “equitable data.” Through the Equitable Data Working Group, they have been tasked to “identify inadequacies and areas of improvement within Federal data and outline a strategy for increasing data available for measuring equity and representing the diversity of the American people and their experiences” (from their report “A Vision for Equitable Data,” in April 2022).

Join Ross and Duval-Diop as they discuss equitable data, its relationship to open data, and the opportunities for researchers and journalists.

In addition to their public lecture, the Brown Institute will be facilitating a roundtable conversation with local journalists from around the U.S. as well as a lunch conversation with students at Columbia University.

Below is a formal abstract of the talk and the bios for Ross and Duval-Diop. Email with questions.

Supporting Communities through “Equitable Data”
Denice Ross, U.S. Chief Data Scientist and
Dominique Duval-Diop, Deputy U.S. Chief Data Scientist

March 30, 11-12:30 ET
The Brown Institute, Pulitzer Hall

Public Talk: 11-12:30 ET [RSVP Here] 

Abstract. Government data are often so aggregated they obscure disparities in our society, leaving marginalized groups invisible in government programs and policy making decisions.

To address this issue, President Biden created the Equitable Data Working Group, which last April issued recommendations so that the  federal government can more responsibly collect, use, and release detailed data, disaggregated by characteristics such as race, gender, geographic area, sexual orientation, disability status, income, to identify disparities and deliver more equitable outcomes for all Americans.

U.S. Chief Data Scientist Denice Ross and Deputy U.S. Chief Data Scientist Dominique Duval-Diop will talk about progress federal agencies are making on implementing equitable data, how the public might find and use these more detailed data, and opportunities for input from the American public.

Read more about equitable data in A Vision for Equitable Data (April 2022).

About Denice Ross. Denice Ross serves as the U.S. Chief Data Scientist and leads the Biden-Harris Administration efforts on equitable data. Previously, she led a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders to coordinate support for a high-quality census, and co-authored the data series “Pandemic to Prosperity,” with a special focus on Southern states and their path to an equitable recovery. Her experience in open government includes co-founding the White House Police Data Initiative to increase transparency and accountability in the Obama-Biden administration and establishing the City of New Orleans’ first open data initiative under Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Prior to government, Denice co-directed a non-profit data intermediary, tracking the city’s recovery from Katrina through the definitive New Orleans Index. She brought a data-driven approach to numerous post-Katrina community planning initiatives and co-founded the first new childcare center after the storm. Denice holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona and a masters degree in Energy Policy & Climate from Johns Hopkins University.

About Dr. Dominique Duval-Diop. Dr. Dominique Duval-Diop is accomplished policy analyst, data scientist and economic geographer, Dominique has used data analytics and geospatial analysis to drive equitable decision-making as well as policy and program design. In her current role as Deputy Chief Data Scientist of the United States and co-chair of the Equitable Federal Funding Interagency Working Group of the NSTC Subcommittee on Equitable Data, Dominique is working at the nexus of data, tech and equity to help build the capacity of federal agencies to use data and technology to drive equity in federal infrastructure investments and other federal funding programs. Prior to joining OSTP, Dominique was an American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) fellow and later, Associate Director of Gender and Social Inclusion at the Millennium Challenge Corporation where she worked to advance the agency’s use of data analytics and geospatial analysis to drive equitable impact of international infrastructure programs.  In addition to her work on equitable data, Dominique enjoys mentoring the next generation of diverse data scientists.