Apr 22. Welcome David Riordan!

We are pleased to announce that David Riordan will be joining the Brown Institute as our Chief Technology Innovation Officer. We were looking for someone whose work is deep technically, but who also speaks to the wider creative community... and reaches even farther to the public at large. We couldn't think of a better match than David Riordan. He is widely respected for his expertise in data and mapping, as well as his commitment to civic projects and community-driven design.

David is joining us from Mapzen, where he headed the product team working on geospatial search. Together with designers, artists, developers and Mapzen users, he also created open source projects for community collection and "enrichment" of mapping data.  Prior to Mapzen, David helped launch the New York Public Library's first "Labs" division, an institutional platform for creatively reimagining the future of humanities research. At the NYPL he helped fashion new tools for unlocking the value of deep, historical archives -- tools that opened the library's collections to the public, engaging people in the acts of creating and making sense of data.

David's first official day is April 29. Please welcome David Riordan to the Brown Institute!

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