“Reaching for Air” goes live!

The Salt Lake Tribune, in collaboration with KUER, has launched an innovative interactive series titled “Reaching for Air”, accessible at reachingforair.sltrib.com. This three-part series, the work of journalists Saige Miller and Alixel Cabrera, 2023 Magic Grantees at the Brown Institute, incorporates a live air quality map and an interactive radio narratives map. Technical contributions were provided by Brown Institute staff Katie Watson, Todd Whitney, and Michael Krisch. The project aims to bring to light the air quality issues plaguing residents on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley through a deeply immersive multimedia experience.

“Reaching for Air” vividly captures the experiences of these residents, who describe their daily struggle with air pollution in graphic detail. From the taste and smell of the polluted air to the physical discomfort it causes, the series paints a stark picture of the reality faced by these communities. It goes beyond just highlighting the problem; it also focuses on the impact of pollution on health and explores potential solutions.

Accompanying the the three-part interactives are a live air quality map of the Salt Lake Valley, providing residents true public service journalism, and an interactive radio narratives map providing readers an auditory journey through the residents’ experiences.

Congratulations to grantees Saige Miller and Alixel Cabrera for their tireless efforts and devotion to environmental justice reporting in the Salt Lake Valley.