Tsachy Weissman

Tsachy Weissman has been on the faculty of the Electrical Engineering department at Stanford since 2003, researching and teaching the science of information, with applications spanning genomics, neuroscience, and technology. He has been serving on editorial boards for scientific journals, technical advisory boards in industry, and as founding director of the Stanford Compression Forum. His recent projects include the STEM2SHTEM science and humanities summer internship program for high schoolers, and Stagecast, a low-latency video platform allowing actors and singers to perform together in real-time while geographically distributed due to the pandemic. An IEEE fellow, he has received multiple awards for his research and teaching, including best paper awards from the IEEE Information Theory and Communications societies, while his students received best student authored paper awards at the top conferences of their areas of scholarship. He has prototyped Guardant Health’s first algorithms for early detection of cancer from blood tests, and has more recently co-founded and sold Compressable to Amazon, reducing humanity’s cloud storage carbon footprint. His favorite gig to date was advising the HBO show “Silicon Valley”.