Alex Calderwood

Alex Calderwood is a recent graduate of Columbia’s M.S. in Computer Science, where he specialized in applied natural language processing, after spending a year at the Columbia Journalism School.
His journalistic interests include the adverse effects of technology on the lives of individuals and the structural effects of big-tech in shaping commerce and society. He has been published in WIRED, after he, along with his classmates at the Journalism School, uncovered an oversite in Twitter’s examination of accounts tied to Russian election interference. He is also interested in the intersection of technology and the arts, having freelanced as an ‘art game’ reporter for an independent games website.
His research projects have included computational film and narrative studies: an effort to automate the Bechdel test; a tool to assist sociologists to examine social media discussions of interpersonal violence; an analysis of characters’ changing relationships over time in SparkNotes summaries; a generative poetry toolkit; and a political debate bot. He has interned at Oracle, as well as the startup Production Pro Technologies, where he is also now a part-time engineering consultant, working on an NLP-based tool for production management of film and theater.