Tonight at Brown at Columbia! Washington Post & NPR Discuss Voice Interfaces for Journalism

Tonight’s the night! We have our second Transparency Series event, this time on Voice User Interfaces (VUIs). VUIs also go by the more familiar names “personal assistants” or “smart speakers” — Think Siri, Alexa, Cortana or Google Assistant. This should be an exciting event! Voice platforms are still young enough that journalists can have a

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Twitch 4 News? The Washington Post’s Phoebe Connelly tells us more

Washington Post Deputy Video Editor Phoebe Connelly joined Twitch’s Cody Conners to explain how the paper is using the live- streaming platform for news. Testing the concept of a “Post Twitch channel” with Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress, the Post discovered that Twitch – typically frequented by video-gamers – provides an interesting space for analysis

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Rethinking Tech, Ethics, and Democracy with MIT Tech Review’s Gideon Lichfield

In this conversation, Gideon Lichfield, Editor-in-Chief is the MIT Technology Review, explores issues raised in the Review’s fall issue: “Technology is threatening our democracy: How do we save it?” Lichfield also unpacks the Review’s new mission statement: “To bring about better informed and more conscious decisions about technology … we think it is no longer

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