DataShare, Explained

Reporting and breaking the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers investigations required a centralized platform that made it possible for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ to collaborate while exploring tens of millions of files. As successful as these probes proved, the platform failed to make a searchable database that connected data stored in individual reporters’ computers. Supported by a 2017-18 Magic Grant

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Reporting from Rwanda

Francesco Fiondella, principle investigator of the Data Interrupted Magic Grant, has spent the past week in Rwanda, collecting artifacts, conducting interviews, and reporting on data loss in the country due to the 1994 conflict. Fracesco has spent the week digging through archives, unearthing unlogged weather data that might help strengthen existing climate models. He has interviewed

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Photograpy, Expanded: Counter Histories

Over the past two days, the Brown Institute in New York played host to Photography Expanded: Counter Histories. The program provided sixteen photographers, artists and media professionals imaginative ways to respond creatively to existing images, bringing layers of story into our lived experiences and environments. The program also explored strategies to circumvent or challenge static

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Brown travels for spring break

Over spring break, the Brown Institute dispersed, giving talks, leading trainings, and participating in labs. It began at NICAR on Friday, March 9, where Mark Hansen co-led a workshop on how to find stories in data through visualization. In collaboration with Alberto Cairo, Olga Pierce and Rachael Tatman, Professor Hansen taught core concepts of a data interview, through

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‘What Went Wrong?’ Launches

Two years ago, the Brown Institute, in partnership with the Magnum Foundation, supported the project What Went Wrong? for a prototyping phase following Photography Expanded Lab. Led by Peter DiCampo and Joe Wheeler, the project has just launched and we’re excited to share their progress! Our What Went Wrong? reporting project has been live in

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