They are not alone: lessons for the search of disappeared people in Mexico

Our 2021 – 2022 Magic Grant No están solas: Bridging the search for the disappeared in Mexico has published the first in a series of articles documenting their findings. This piece details the team’s process in interviewing “buscadoras” – groups of women who travel Mexico’s countryside searching for their disappeared family members. As Mónica Trigos and Greg Odum write in their article (in Spanish):

“The women do their search in ‘colectivos’ that they themselves have built, or alongside helpful people who, from their fields of work or professions, add their effort to find the missing people. For these women every grain of sand is welcomed and they are always willing to be interviewed, no matter how many times they have to tell the painful story that changed their lives.”

In this process, the Bridging the search team interviewed more than 60 women, from Baja California to Sonora, to Sinaloa, to Mexico City and Veracruz, and in the process gathered key lessons from their experience. To learn more read their full piece in A Dónde van los Desaparecidos.

Congratulations to the team on their first publication!