Jun 25. Hansen's "Data-Driven Aesthetics" in the NYT

From a speedometer to a weather map to a stock chart, we routinely interpret and act on data displayed visually. With a few exceptions, data has no natural “look,” no natural “visualization,” and choices have to be made about how it should be displayed. Each choice can reveal certain kinds of patterns in the data while hiding others.

While these decisions are often made on technical grounds, they are also questions of design. Click to read the complete article.

Jun 20. 'Magic Grants' awards announced!

The Brown Institute for Media Innovation has awarded seed funding to teams of students, post-docs and faculty from Stanford and Columbia universities to develop new technologies that could transform the ways media content is produced, delivered and consumed. 

The winning projects include a natural language processor that detects media bias, an experiment in augmenting stories with virtual reality and a suite of machine learning tools to study redaction patterns in declassified documents. Click to read the full story. 

Apr 25. Research Speed Dating


The Brown Institute and the Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering hosted a Speed Dating event to promote inter-disciplinary collaboration. On the east side of the table we have architecture, the humanities, the social sciences, journalism and education; and on the west side we have engineering, mathematics and computer science. Matchmaker, matchmaker...

Apr 01. Coverage in the Niemanlab Blog!

The Niemanlab Blog has just posted a great article about the Institute -- "Shaping technology to the story: The Brown Institute for Media Innovation is finding its niche"

Mar 25. The Brown space in Pulitzer Hall


This morning, we took an image of the new home for the Brown Institute. As you can see, it's a blank canvas. Last week, LTL Architects delivered their final designs and construction is scheduled to begin in a couple months. We will post construction images (who doesn't love process pics?) as the project develops. (Here is an interactive panorama of the same image.) 

Mar 25. Dispatch @ WWW '13

The 2012-2013 Magic Grant Dispatch, a platform for secure communication when journalists report from scenes of conflict. We are happy to announce that a paper by the Dispatch Team, "Weaving a Safe Web of News," was accepted to the Social News on the Web workshop of the WWW '13 conference. Congratulations! 

Feb 25. Research, Three Ways


The institute hosted over 100 journalists and technologists at an event designed to prompt new ideas for our Magic Grants. The Tow Center were co-sponsors and Hearst provided the venue. Forty-four floors above Central Park, we held a mini-unconference, organizing around new ideas and unasked questions about how stories are discovered and told. It was an amazing afternoon! Thanks to our of our participants, and to Tony Cherm and Karen Sanborn at Hearst who made it all possible.

Feb 02. DataFest


The Stanford and Columbia branches of the Brown Institute hosted a weekend data event exploring the role of money in politics. With funding from the MacArthur Foundation, teaching and data from the Sunlight Foundation and spiritual guidance by Teresa Bouza from EFE, about 150 participants completed some amazing projects. Kathy Kiely of Sunlight wrote an excellent blog post on the event.

Jan 31. Computation+Journalism

The Brown Institute co-sponsored and helped organize this year's Computation+Journalism meeting. We tackled some pretty big questions: "What role does computation have in the practice of journalism today and in the near future? As computer-driven forces like automation and aggregation increasingly alter the role of journalists and journalism in society, how can computation become a force of deliberate, positive social impact in journalism and civic life?" Read a summary by Brad Stenger.

Established in 2012, the Institute is a collaboration between Columbia and Stanford Universities. Our mission is simple: Sponsor thinking, building and speculating on how stories are discovered and told in a networked, digitized world.
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