When Deportation is a Death Sentence2018-2019

Sarah Stillman, Staff Writer at The New Yorker, will lead a team to build the first-ever searchable database of deaths-by-deportation, in a manner that is empirically rigorous, narratively engaging, and visually stunning. The team will merge cutting-edge data journalism (pursued alongside foreign correspondence in refugee camps, migrant shelters, mortuaries) with  technological innovation (focusing on the aesthetic power of the mobile experience) to build a practical but elegant database that turns their massive spreadsheet into an unshakable story. The team includes the powerful data visualization expertise of Giorgia Lupi, co-founder of Accurat. They will make their findings and ongoing investigation accessible through a website that amplifies the very best of what Lupi calls “data humanism.” In Stillman’s words, “Absent this new effort to bring these data to light, the stories will remain buried, unspoken, and unaccounted-for in the public record.”