Julien Martin

Julien is a computer scientist with 17 years of experienceHe participated in releasing Europe’s first 3D computer-animated motion picture, and then the first season of a series, by co-designing and implementing the production pipelines and management system with the director, lead artists and producers. In 2003, he started studying artificial intelligence, more precisely automated reasoning, knowledge representation, machine learning and natural language processing; he earned a MSc in 2006 and a PhD in 2010 from Inria – University Pierre and Marie Curie.
He then joined a legal tech startup as a R&D engineer and eventually oversaw company operations. Imaginatio was building the first (legal) augmented word processor: as you’re writing or reading, your document is automatically augmented with up-to-date cited law and case-law (official open data) as well as related firm assets (corporate closed data).
Early 2016, Julien enrolled in The ICIJ Data & Research Unit where he’s been designing and developing DataShare, the next generation software in the field of collaborative and data driven investigative journalism.
His full cv/bio can be found at LinkedIn