Grga Basic

Grga Basic is an New York-based architect and scholar whose work focuses on critical, narrative, and investigative cartography, and design representation. He is an Associate Research Scholar at the Center for Spatial Research (CSR) at Columbia University where he also teaches courses on Geographic Information Systems and mapping.
His connection to Brown dates back to 2016 when he helped develop Science Surveyor – a journalistic tool that provides context of a scientific study. Prior to joining the CRS, Basic held academic appointments at Harvard University’s Urban Theory Lab (UTL), and worked as a designer with Atelier Seraji in Paris. While at UTL, Grga’s work focused on visualizing emergent forms of planetary urbanization. His cartographic representations have been exhibited at the Venice, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Rotterdam Biennials of Architecture.
Grga holds Bachelor and Master of Architecture degrees from Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and Master in Design Studies in Urbanism, Landscape, Ecology from Harvard University Graduate School of Design.