Points Unknown Hits the Classroom

The Brown Institute, Center for Spatial Research, and faculty from the Journalism School are delighted to announce the launch of Points Unknown, a training module and course designed to teach journalists and architects how to use spatial data to tell stories. The first portion of Points Unknown is a 5-week module for students of the Journalism School, which kicked off last night.

More details about the course as well as resources for mapping in storytelling can be found at pointsunknown.github.io.

Points Unknown—designed by Juan Saldariagga, Grga Basic & Marguerite Holloway, alumni of the Institute and Deputy Director Michael Krisch—is funded by Collaboratory, a new university-wide program led by the Data Science Institute and Columbia Entrepreneurship to catalyze interdisciplinary curricular collaboration. The Points Unknown team would like to thank Collaboratory for this exciting opportunity.