CS 581: Bringing Media Innovators to Stanford

The newly-opened space at Stanford is allowing new programming on the campus, expanding the reach and portfolio of Brown West. One of these new endeavors in the fall term is the offering of our first course, CS581, a seminar series which has featured several diverse speakers at the forefront of Media Innovation.  Click on the links below to access the talks:

  • 9/28:  Franklin Foer, author of World without Mind: “The Existential Threat of Big Tech.”
  • 10/31,  Ceci Stallsmith, Product Manager, Slack: “Predicting Trends for Fun & Profit: The Art of Getting Lucky.”
  • 10/10:J. Nathan Mathias of the MIT Media Lab: “Governing Human and Machine Behavior in an Experimental Society.”
  • 10/17: Jeff Larson of ProPublica: “Investigating Algorithms.”
  • 10/24: Allison McCartney of ProPublica: “What REPRESENT can Reveal.”
  • 10/31:  Solly Mirell of Here Be Dragons: “VR: Mainstream or Momentary Fad?”
  • 11/7:   Arvind Satyanarayan,  Research Scholar at Google Brain: “Declarative Interaction Design for Data Visualization”
  • Forthcoming speakers include: Stanford Economist Matthew Gentzkow, Media Storm Co-founder Brian Storm and Quartz’s David Yanovsky.