Knowing Together

Knowing Together is a workshop and exhibition on collaborative 3D photography and embodied experience hosted and supported by the 2018 Myers Fund at EdLab Teachers College in collaboration with the Brown Institute’s Creative Technologist Rosalie Yu

September 19, 2018 – 12:00-1:30pm
The Smith Learning Theater  | Teachers College
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Yu uses 3D capturing techniques to explore the limits of perception and memory, to reflect upon archiving practices, to transform everyday experience through rituals, and to interrogate the process of capturing depth in photography. She will share her recent projects examining these concerns within larger cultural narratives like the long, exploitative history of colonial sugar production and the complex dynamics of physical intimacy in East Asian culture.

September 28, 2018 – 2:45-6:00pm
The Smith Learning Theater | Teachers College
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The project will begin with a workshop where the artist and a group of strangers learn photogrammetry, a technique for creating 3D models of objects by combining photographs from multiple angles. The group will then form a circle and pass around a camera to progressively capture a 3D image as the two strangers embrace platonically for the duration of the scan.

Opening December 6, 2018
Offit Gallery | Teachers College
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Each embrace will be 3D printed and exhibited as a sculpture in the Teachers College Offit Gallery. The entire group will be credited as creators of these sculptures, which will be displayed alongside raw captured images, video footage, and other source materials from the creation of these sculptures.