Final Transparency Series Event

As the semester starts to wind down, we have one remaining Transparency Series event — this one on Drone Photography. If you are interested, register at
  • Friday April 12, 5-6pm — Josh Haner from the New York Times. Josh Haner is a staff photographer and the senior editor for photo technology at the New York Times. He will talk about his work with drones as a mode of capture. As with Virtual and Augmented Reality, drone journalism offers opportunities in data collection and visual representation provided  by few other technologies that are within the grasp of a typical newsroom. Drones, or unmanned aerial systems, provide a perspective on a scene that is truly unique. They can provide a sense of scale, moving a camera from the ground to a significant vantage point above some event or phenomenon. Drones can also provide access to regions that are otherwise impossible to film. The artful, informative deployment of drone photography and its role in journalism is the subject of this Transparency Series — and Josh is one of the best in the field.
  • Saturday April 13, 9am-5pm USA Today’s Unmanned Aerial Systems Team. On Saturday, we will get our hands dirty and take a field trip north of NYC. We will give students the chance to work with drone pilots to stage shots from a robotic, onboard camera. (And with luck it will be a lovely spring day…). The workshop will be led by the Unmanned Aerial Systems Team from USA Today, headed by Andy Scott.