Brown to host first Media Innovation Showcase

The Brown Institute will be hosting its first ever Media Innovation Showcase on September 29. We’ll be celebrating another year of stellar Magic Grant projects with presentations, demos, food and drink at Stanford University.

Check out the event website to RSVP and see event details.


An augmented reality application that enlivens the museum-going experience and lets visitors look at art in new and unexpected ways.

Team members: Jean-Baptiste Boin, María del Carmen Barrios Giordano, Asia Chiao, Skanda Shridhar, Tanja Aitamurto, Chris Alexander, Anna Toledano, Colleen Stockman.

Cuba Interconectada

Cuba Interconectada uses data and interactive features to tell the story of change in Cuba as its citizens adapt to new technology and an opening economy.

Team members: Juanita Ceballos, Jika Gonzalez, Dave Mayers.


G-Drone explores human-drone interaction through the use of drones as tour guides.

Team members: Jessica Cauchard, Jane E.

Humor Tools

The Humor Tools project is designed to identify what makes jokes funny and teach computers how to write them.

Team members: Lydia Chilton.

Mapping Monuments & Memory

Mapping Monuments in Memory pairs journalism with landscape architecture to tell the story of Spomeniks, futuristic World War II monuments scattered across the six former republics of the former Yugoslavia.

Team members: Jorgen Samso Nielsen, Mark Thomann, Kira Appelhaus, Iwan Baan.

Nueva Nación

Nueva Nación has built an interactive database of government information to help journalists tell the story of one of Latin America’s fastest growing economies.

Team members: Ana Mendez, Alfonso Poschi, Gaspar Garcia de Paredes.

Open Contractors

Open Contractors is an open-source web dashboard designed to enable journalists to easily analyze, visualize and interact with government contract data.

Team members: Allison McCartney, Alex Gonçalvez.

On the Brink of Famine

On the Brink of Famine is an immersive documentary that used virtual reality techniques to tell the story of the famine in South Sudan.

Team members: Marcelle Hopkins, Benedict Moran, Evan Wexler.

Science Surveyor

A data tool designed to help science journalists quickly contextualize journal articles by identifying trending topics, the funding behind studies and publication timelines

Team members: Marguerite Holloway, Laura Kurgan, Juan Francisco Saldarriaga, Laura Moorhead, Cheryl Halzmeyer, Juan Pablo Alperin.

Aram Chung

Chung’s fellowship project, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Newsroom Algorithms” is a graphic, interactive textbook explaining computational methods in terms of journalistic applications, helping journalists and students both select approaches for their stories as well as dig deeper into the underlying metaphors and abstrations motivating their design.

Juho Kim

What makes a sandwich a sandwich or a cookie and cookie? Kim’s fellowship project on “Recipe Mining” aims to answer such questions by analyzing large collections of recipes and identify shared structure between them.