“More Than Just a Pretty Picture” – MIT’s Felice Frankel on “Image and Meaning”

On January 30, the Brown Institute at Stanford welcomed Felice Frankel, celebrated science photographer and MIT research scientist. Frankel offered an afternoon masterclass on “Image and Meaning” and in an evening talk discussed her new book “Picturing Science and Engineering” (MIT Press).  During the well-attended “Image and Meaning” masterclass, Frankel outlined was for students, faculty and researchers to develop new approaches to represent research data and complex concepts. Working collaboratively, the group improved one another’s presentations. In her evening talk, Frankel presented her photographs, discussed her new book “Picturing Science and Engineering,” and explained her approach to creating science images that are both accurate and visually stunning. The goal of her work is to help scientists and researchers improve the way they communicate technical information and create, as she said,  “more than just a pretty picture.”