The Kitchen Project2023-2024

The Kitchen Project is an oral history initiative that explores the relationship between Asian food culture and racial discrimination, particularly the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes against the femme Asian community. The project aims to complicate and preserve the gendered work of caretaking and uplift the stories of diasporic Asian mothers, daughters, and non-binary children in relation to food and care. The team plans to create a web-based archive that prioritizes ethical journalistic and archival practices, adaptive sound design, and immersive user experience design. Through this, the archive will protect its interlocutors while inviting users to journey through the sensory experience of being in the kitchen, celebrating Asian food as living history.


Ariel Urim Chung, `23 MA, Columbia University; Anthony Sertel Dean, `23 MFA, Columbia University; and Miguel Donado, `23 BA, Davidson College, Eunice Kim, `23 MA, Columbia University