ScriptViz: A Script Visualization Tool Based on a Large Movie Database2023-2024

The ScriptViz project explores ways to integrate visualizations into the screenwriting process. The tool will leverage MovieNet, a large movie database, to retrieve inspiring visuals based on scripts’ text and dialogues, making the writing process more immersive and engaging. The interface will consist of a script editor and a visualization panel displaying movie frames, allowing users to specify script lines, character features, locations, and mood constraints to generate possible visual representations of the selected script lines. ScriptViz will also provide other high-level visualizations of the script to analyze the scenario’s advancement, helping to spot inconsistencies and improve storytelling. By harnessing the power of the extensive movie database, ScriptViz will provide a valuable resource for screenwriters and film industry professionals.


Anyi Rao, Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University; Jean-Peïc Chou, MS Candidate, Stanford University