Traditionally, fashion stories were a specialized type of consumer reporting. They focused on exposing the reader to innovation and trends in clothing, accessories and beauty products. Today, social media and online retail allow fashion designers and marketers direct communication with consumers, putting fashion reporting in somewhat of a crossroad. Lineage is a research tool that promotes better understanding of the cultural context and history of contemporary fashion. It uses the publicly available databases of art and design institutions such as the Met and its Costume Institute. When a reporter uploads a new fashion image, Lineage will display similar items from its database: clothing, craft, furniture, architecture, and visual arts. The tool, to be designed by Journalist and Data Scientist Noya Kohavi, is not meant to find identical images but rather images that evoke the same visual language in a more playful and serendipitous way, like a reverse-engineered mood board that tells the story of the item or collection the reporter is covering.

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