Breaching the Perimeter2023-2024

Breaching the Perimeter, a project in partnership with Mediazona, the independent Russian news media outlet, will develop and launch a large-scale database and visualization platform that documents instances of political repression and persecution in Russia. The platform will categorize individual cases, feature visual data analysis, track sentences and complaints, and monitor penalties during incarceration. Mediazona’s expertise in legal coverage and OVD-Info’s human rights violations tracker will provide key data and insights for the project. Breaching the Perimeter aims to provide an accessible resource for researchers, journalists, policymakers, human rights defenders, and the general public, and to simplify the process of supporting those affected by political repression.


Alexander Borodikhin, `23 MA, Columbia Journalism School; David Frenkel, Maksim Litavrin, Vladimir Bodiul, and Arina Istomina of Mediazona