Innovation has nothing to do with tech: Optimizing for Trust in Journalism

Brown Institute at Stanford 355 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA

RSVP HERE What would a news organization look like if it was optimized for user trust? Getting there will take innovation, but not primarily the kind that involves new tech. Jay Rosen will spell out what he means by "optimizing for trust," and suggest the kind of innovation required, much of which involves new forms

Transparency Series Workshop: Polling with FiveThirtyEight

Brown Institute at Columbia 2950 Broadway, New York, NY, United States

The first workshop in the Transparency Series takes you through techniques for looking at one or more polls over time. Join Janie Velencia and Dhrumil Mehta who lead Pollapalooza at FiveThirtyEight to get exposed to sources, tools, and strategies for working with polls — starting at the very beginning with simple random samples, and leading

Media Innovation Seminar: Whither VR? with Kate Parsons and Ben Vance

Brown Institute at Stanford 355 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA

Video artist and educator Kate Parsons and VR Veteran Ben Vance explore art and design through emerging technology at FLOAT, a collaborative entity focusing on the intersection of art and interactivity. They will share tips on how their team creates evocative, nuanced art experiences using cutting-edge VR technology.

Media Innovation Seminar: Rethinking Audio with Matt Stuart and Micah Collins

Brown Institute at Stanford 355 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA

Matt Stuart is Head of Google Home Product Planning and launch for the Google Home product group (Google Home,Home Mini, and Home Max, as well as Chromecast and Google Wifi). Micah Collins is Director of Product Management at Google, overseeing software and hardware teams including Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, Chromecast Ultra, Google Home, GoogleHome Mini, Google


Cypress Auditorium, Allen Extension 420 Via Palou Mall, Stanford, CA, United States

SCIENCE PHOTOGRAPHER & MIT RESEARCH SCIENTIST On January 30, the Brown Institute welcomes celebrated science photographer and MIT Research Scientist Felice Frankel. She will offer a masterclass on "Image and Meaning" and discuss her new book "Picturing Science and Engineering" (MIT Press) in which she offers a guide for creating science images that are both

Media Innovation Lectures

Gates 174, 353 Serra Hall, Stanford 355 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA

The goal of this series is to introduce students interested in Computer Science, Engineering and Media to what's possible and probable when it comes to media innovation. Speakers from multiple disciplines and industry will discuss a range of topics in the context of evolving media with a focus on the technical trends, opportunities and challenges

Brown Welcomes Washington Post Director of Engineering Jeremy Bowers

Stanford welcomed Jeremy Bowers, Director of Engineering, at The Washington Post. Bowers and his team are ramping up for the 2020 election, focusing on political data projects including election restyles, congressional votes and campaign finance. Bowers spoke on October 15 to an interdisciplinary group of Stanford students (compute science, engineering and business, among others). He