Columbia student seminar with Latour on Sept. 23

Columbia graduate students are now invited to apply for a seminar led byProfessor Bruno Latour on Tuesday, September 23, 12-3pm. Twenty-five graduate students from throughout the university will be selected to participate in this single seminar given by Prof. Latour. Students will organize themselves into a reading group to meet once or twice in early September for discussion of Prof. Latour’s work. They will then meet to continue this discussion with a small group of faculty on September 15, 12-2pm. Students and a few faculty will meet with Prof. Latour on September 23. A reading list will be distributed in advance.

Applications are available through the Brown Institute submitttable site. Aside from your name, advisor and dissertation topic, we also ask for (in one short, concise paragraph) the major themes/keywords from Latour’s work that are most relevant to your own work, and a description of why you would benefit from this seminar. The due date for applications is August 11, and successful applicants will be notified in mid-August.

This seminar is part of a week of events with Prof. Latour (more information forthcoming):

Monday, Sept. 22, late afternoon: public lecture with Q&A by Nick Lemann

Tuesday, Sept. 23, 7pm: Latour’s play, Gaia, for Columbia students and faculty

Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 24, 25, 7pm: Public performances of Gaia

Prof. Latour’s visit is sponsored by the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, Alliance (Columbia, École Polytechnique, Sciences Po, and Panthéon-Sorbonne University), The Center for Science and Society, and The Faculty of Arts and Sciences.