The Brown Institute is Hiring!

The Brown Institute is proud to announce two new positions available on the Columbia University side of the institute.

The first position offered is a Research Scholar who will be brought on to conduct their own “creative research” that imagines such new kinds of storytelling, and to support the Institute’s research and grants. This person will play both a high-level role reporting directly to the Director of the Institute at Columbia, helping to administer the Institute’s various grant and fellowship programs, assisting in the design of seminars and workshops that engage the CJS and Columbia University (CU) communities, as well as working hands-on and collaboratively with members of the Brown Institute, and the broader CJS and CU communities to nurture new areas of investigation.

A full description of the position is available on the Columbia HR website.

The second position available is a part-time program manager of the Institute. This position will be responsible for managing the finances and financial/administrative compliance of the Brown Institute, coordinating logistics for all internal and external events, and facilitating all HR-related matters, including hiring, onboarding, and reporting.

A full description of the position is available on the Columbia HR website.

If you have any questions about either of the positions, don’t hesitate to reach out to To be formally considered for either position, you must apply via the Jobs at Columbia portal (links above).